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Wifi Password Hacker Simulated

Desarrollador Dope Developers

Wifi Password Hacker app simulates hacking and cracking any wireless encrypted network and router.Simply pick the WiFi network you want to hack into. "WIFI Password Hacker" will break into it, and then show you a password.How to use:★ Press "START" button★ Select WIFI network you want to hack into★ "WIFI Password Hacker" will attempt to break into the network★ Password for WIFI will be displayed if hacking was successfulThe app is able to crack the protected network protocols such as:- WPA- WPA2- WEPRemember that it is only a prank(fake) app. All passwords in the application are generated randomly and are not the real passwords that can be used to connect with WiFi networks. Hacking into WIFI network in fact is illegal!Use this app to trick your friends that you are the real hacker.